Mia Conti

Time in CARE

4 Months

Car Model

Orange 2012 Fiat

Delivery Areas

South/Cetral OC

I joined CARE because the idea of helping others was really appealing, especially towards the beginning of quarantine, since being locked away from people made me feel helpless. One of the founders, Mellie, reached out to me and asked if I could recruit some my fellow high school seniors to join the initiative. I noticed that there was a shortage of drivers when people joined, so I decided to drive as there was a need for it and because I wanted to help hands on. Outside of CARE, I am preparing for college as I am attending UCLA in the fall on the pre-med track. I also enjoy surfing, biking, reading, and other quarantine friendly activities! I am so excited to help in any way I can, hopefully I can bring you your favorite foods :)


General Inquiry: carei2020.info@gmail.com

Place an order/ Make a referral: carei2020.customerservice@gmail.com or (714) 798-4582

Office hours: 12 pm - 8 pm, Daily

Drivers available from 9 am - 6 pm, Monday - Saturday

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